Drowning in Milk

This last week we started making Paneer. We have made three batches of it already. It is a very mild cheese that doesn't melt at all, so you can fry or grill it up and use it like tofu.

Our recipe is this:
Heat 1 gallon of goat milk to 195 F
Let it cool to 190 F
Add one tbsp of vinegar at a time and stir
Keep adding vinegar until the milk forms curds. The whey will be yellowish
Let the curds and whey cool down
drain off the whey and collect the curds in a large white napkin using a colander
Let drip for about 20 minutes
Salt the curd with 1 tsp salt
Press with 5 lds of pressure for 10 minutes and then 10 lbs of pressure for an hour
Chill the cheese overnight in the fridge
Eat it fast

Sara told more stories this week, and they now always end with "And Slam Slam Slam all the way home." She and Rea made up the game Slam Slam to play in the car a few weeks ago; as best we can tell from the front, it consists of asking each other, "Ready for Slam Slam?" and then waving arms and legs crazily while yelling "Slam Slam Slam Slam Slam!" So now all the characters in her stories Slam Slam all the way home.

Sara also went to nursery without making a fuss for the third week in a row. Hopefully this will last.

She also sings herself to sleep with "Five little monkeys swinging in a tree". She shouts the Snap part, but whispers the rest. She also likes a new song called "Naughty little monkey swinging in a tree". In this song an elephant gets squashed flat by falling coconuts. Considering that Rea loves elephants she doesn't love this song.

On Saturday we made Paneer and Derby/Cheddar (which is a derby recipe made using the cheddaring process.) Both seemed to come out pretty good. We'll see how the Derby/Cheddar tastes in four months or so.

Preschool was at our house this week, Alison doesn't want to be a school teacher. She likes teaching, but one-on-one is lots better than trying to control seven preschoolers.

Friday night we went to Ellie's blessing (Becky's baby). It was a long drive, but the blessing went well. We got to go out to dinner and play with relatives, which is always fun.

Rea has been reading more and more recently. She can now read books that are up to 100 words long. We are hoping that she starts to read without encouragement (AKA bribes). She needs to build up stamina so that she doesn't get tired out before reading a book that has enough words to tell an interesting story. We'll keep working on it.

In order to deal with the gallon of goat milk that we get each day we have begun making cheeses on weeknights (Paneer) as well as yogurt all the time. The girls can eat a quart of yogurt a day, and when I am helping out too we have to make it every other day. Perhaps we should start making it in gallon quantities. Fortunately home made yogurt is way cheaper than the store stuff.


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