And Counting

This week we ran out of Brie. Our homemade Brie was very good. Mike thinks that we can made brie pizzas and quit making mozzarella; however Alison thinks that we should try it out before we commit to something like that.

Mike went to a grocery store that happened to be selling its fancy cheese cheap because it was old (the cheese, not the grocery store). He found some apple wood smoked cheese that tasted like a very tasty Gouda. We are considering making smoked cheese in the future. It is probable that a smoked paneer would be excellent.

Rea was sick with an ear ache this week, which prevented us from doing much of anything fun. The girls missed out on preschool, Rea's dance class, and just about everything else we had planned. By the end of another week of sickness, Alison was about to go stir-crazy. Sara was having a rough time, too; she was used to having Rea to play with, and when Rea spent all day in bed with Mommy either reading to Rea or taking care of Timmy, she felt a bit at loose ends. Everyone was well enough to make it to Church today (we even made it on time!), so maybe this week will be better. Maybe. If so, it will probably be spent re-teaching Timmy how to sleep through the night and the girls how to express themselves without crying or screaming, and how to make it through a day without watching a movie. Sickness breeds bad habits.

There have been some good achievements, though: Rea has finally started reading children's books all on her own, for fun! She can read Little Critter and Dr Seuss and all kinds of other books, and several times a day she picks up a book and reads it. It's very exciting to all of us. Well, except maybe Sara; Rea doesn't read fast enough to hold Sara's interest, so Sara would rather have Mommy or Daddy read.

Sara is enjoying inventing songs lately. While Mike tried to take a nap after Church today (Did you notice the throw-away line up there about "re-teaching Timmy to sleep? Yeah.), she was singing to him something about "Nobody knows/ And the rain came down." She's very cute.

Timothy is feeling enough better to make progress toward crawling again. He is very steady on all fours and can walk his hands forward several "steps," but he still has not figured out how to move his knees, so when his arms get far enough out in front, he drops to his tummy and army crawls. He can get around great on his tummy, and maybe next week will be the big crawling week.

Friday we had a game night with the ward people (we often invite the Reeders and the Nelsons over for a game night). We played Space Cadets, Dominion, and Two Rooms and a Boom. All games were well received. We mainly liked spending time together and talking.

Saturday we made 2 Bries at the same time. Making two Bries is just as hard as making one, so this will probably be a regular practice in the future. I made a mistake in the make, so we'll see how that affects them. The mistake was not draining them on a mat. This probably means that they will retain more moisture than would normally be expected and therefore will be more runny (or perhaps lose their mold growth). I will try to dry them longer to make up for it.

Saturday we also glued a big mirror to our kitchen wall. Alison wanted a big mirror on the wall to reflect the light that comes into the one window in our kitchen. We should install a door with a window to increase the amount of light that we get.

Saturday night we all went to see Seussical (which was being put on by the local middle school). It was pretty fun. We liked The Cat and the Sour Kangaroo the best.

Also, my car just surpassed 200,000 miles. It has been such a blessing to have such a good car.


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