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This week no-one on our family was really sick that is a first for at least a month. That is a relief.

We got to leave the house without the children twice this week. It was good, however it would have been better if we hadn't known that Timmy was screaming the whole time. Timmy hates babysitters. When we got back from the board game night Alison asked if Timmy had screamed the whole time and the baby sitter said "Oh, no, he took two half hour naps." In a three hour babysitting job that is pretty rough.

Grandpa mike had some success in quieting him down by feeding him cookies. We might suggest this tactic to future babysitters.

On Wednesday we had a board game design group meeting wherein we played Witch Hunt and also Above and Below (which is quite popular on Board Game Geek).

On Saturday Sara decided that she wanted to give her potty timer watch to Timmy. Alison said to her

"You can give it to Timmy once you have graduated from needing it".

To which Sara replied "Sara already graduated" and grabbed her watch and tried to take it off and mumbled "graduate graduate graduate."

Sara also decided to become a lumberjack princess on Saturday, so she dressed up in a lumberjack shirt that we were given by one of Alison's aunts.

Timmy is finally crawling. Alison wanted to send a movie of it, so we just took one.

Rea is also reading. She can read childrens books that she has never had read to her (even if they are fairly complex.) The following movie is her reading a book that she has read before, but not one that we ever read to her.

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