Danger and Ashpoodle

This week was a very mixed week.

Monday morning Sara started to act sick again. She threw up for three days (on and off) and is now better again. She had played with Max last weekend and he was sick, so perhaps she caught it from him.

On Tuesday I got an email reporting that I am a finalist in the Ion Award competition. That is super exciting since winning the Ion Award is a guaranteed way to get your board game published (and being a finalist makes it fairly likely). The final judging will take place March 12th (when I present the game to three or four board game company owners) and the results will be announced Saturday March 14th at Salt Con. I really hope to win.

Also on Tuesday we were asked to dog sit for a family in the ward. If you recall Alison loves dogs and I do not. We got the dogs Wednesday night and been watching them since. (Tonight they are going to be going back). We don't remember their names, so we have been calling them Danger and Ashpoodle (similar to Ashputtle).

They love barking at the chickens and goats. The goats threaten them and the chickens scatter. Alison has decided that dogs are wonderful for the kids, but that she doesn't want any extra responsibility right now.

Wednesday Timmy crawled out of his crib and onto the play kitchen sink (while Alison was watching). Since this didn't seem to be a safe thing to do during naps we decided to decompose his crib and move his mattress into the girls room on a pallet on the floor (just like the big girls.) He has now joined the ranks of those who sleep in the big kid room.

On Friday Alison and the kids took a walk in the park with the dogs and met up with the Drapers (a family from our ward). They had a fun time playing pterodactyls.

The girls also discovered a puppet set that we have. They put on plays with them and consider it great fun.

Today I am making a cheddar. We are nearly out of the one that we made last year and we have enjoyed it so much that we are really happy to make another.

Our second (and third) brie have been ageing nicely. They are currently wrapped up in cheese paper and sitting in the small cheese fridge. We expect to open them up pretty soon and see how they taste. If past experience means anything they will taste wonderful.

Finally, I have a new game idea that I have been fooling around with, so perhaps I will be testing a new game soon.

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