It's So Easy, Even Mike Can Do It!

Monday was Memorial Day, so we had our traditional Memorial Day BBQ. The Strombergs came this year; we had lots of fun. The kids love playing together, and the adults enjoyed sitting and talking while the kids were all occupied. Alison also drove out early Monday to buy a Vitamix blender. She has been wanting one for years, and she is very excited. She isn't quite accustomed to making smoothies in it yet, but it makes wonderful peanut butter out of raw peanuts, which is very cool.

The kids have been playing with Duplos a lot this week. Mike discovered that he doesn't mind as much when the kids have Duplos all over the floor as he minds other toys, probably because he likes LEGO so much. The kids have really enjoyed it.

This week, Rea lost another tooth. Sara has her first loose tooth. Timmy's excited for his birthday (15 days and counting... constantly!). Mike is doing more work on his management book - he's thinking about Kickstartering ia second edition to pay for editing and get more publicity. He has a lot of fun writing it. Alison taught 15 lessons with VIPKID this week, which is almost her goal of 18 a week. She is excited by how this is going.

On Saturday, we had a busy day. We looked again at the DI for a microwave, but there was still nothing. It's only been just over a week, but it feels like a long time. We are getting very good at doing most things without it. It just takes longer. The pool opened this week, so we went swimming as a family. Gideon did not like the water, but the rest of the kids were very brave and went out deep. Rea jumped off both diving boards.

Mike also made a Parmesan, which is turning out great so far. In June 2020 we will open it and see how good it really is.

This week Mike also did 100 lessons in Italian! He is going to be very good when we go to Italy. That's good, because Alison and the kids can only say "Drink your smoothie!" and "Can I have bread with jelly?" and such.

Mike also weighed himself for the first time in a long time and found out that he has put on 10 lbs since he went polyphasic! He is now 150 lbs for the first time ever. Since he doesn't want this to continue (10 lbs every half year would make him 900 lbs by the time that he is 70, which doesn't sound healthy), he is going to stop making and eating a bread product every time he wakes up.

Gideon missed nursery because of a runny nose. On the plus side, he slept through all of Church again. That's nice, but it will also be nice when he goes to nursery.

Rea found some broken robin eggs in the garden. She is observing lots of things in nature. She is also much better at watering a garden than Alison has ever been in her life. Go, Rea! Our nature group is going camping next week. We are all very excited and starting to get ready.

How cute Alison is was a subject of general converation this week. Everyone unanimously agreed that she was very cute.


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