The week of camping

Alison came down with Gideon's cold on Tuesday. This was a big problem because we were leaving for our nature group camping trip on Thursday. Alison spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday sleeping in hopes of getting better enough to survive the campout; the kids watched lots of movies.

Thursday morning the kids helped Alison pack up and we drove down to Payson and way, way up the canyon to the campground. It was one of the most beautiful parts of Utah we've ever seen. If we could deal with a 30 minute drive out of the canyon in order to get anywhere, we would love to move there, since it seems we're not supposed to leave Utah.

There were around a dozen families at the campout; we knew about half of them from our regular nature groups. Our kids made some new friends, and they spent lots of time running around and playing with the other kids while the adults sat in the shade and talked. It was much hotter than normal up in that mountain this weekend. We made costumes out of natural materials, played nature games, listed all the natural things we found, and made up names for the cool places around our campground as scheduled activities, all of which were fun. But it was also nice to have lots of free time to play.

Thursday and Friday Mike attended Openwest - A local software engineering convention. He learned some interesting things, and had a pretty fun time.

Friday evening Alison and the kids drove down to get Mike from the train station so that he could camp with us Friday night to Saturday afternoon. We went on some good hikes with him and caught crickets. It was a lot of fun.

We got home Saturday night to pizza from Buttonshy Games, the company that is publishing Mike's game in a few months. They just had an amazing sale of a game and made three times as much money as ever before, and they sent all their designers a pizza to celebrate. We had pizza and washed everyone clean (that was an effort) and unpacked. It was a good week. We're excited to camp more this summer.

Amy and family took our molly fish on Saturday to live with them. The kids have really wanted to get pet bugs, so that is what we are going to put in the aquarium next. Expect more about this next week.

This week Gideon was coughing, so we didn't take him to nursery. He slept through second hour of church, and during third hour he woke up and just cuddled with Mike. As he was cuddling, he sang to himself. The two songs that he chose to sing: the Dinosaur Train theme song, and Hallelu, Hallelu (the lyrics are "Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Halleluia! Praise ye The Lord!" repeated endlessly). All the elders liked it a lot.


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