A Gallon of Gorgonzola

Early this week we got a message from the county telling us that we couldn't store a car that was not licensed on our property. We have no unlicensed cars, so I called and asked what they were talking about. Apparently they checked the wrong box on the message, and what they meant to say was that we couldn't store hay in our carport and that our firewood had to be six inches off of the ground. After talking more, it just turns out that we can store hay in our carport, we just can't openly store hay in our carport, so draping a tarp over the hay should be good enough to appease them in that regard.

Apparently in an agriculturally zoned neighborhood hay is considered to be unsightly.

I am willing to comply with their demands for two reasons:

  1. They probably have a reason why wood laying on the ground is not a good thing (perhaps because it will attract termites or wood boring ants).
  2. The government is so big as to be unstoppable, and if I were to try to make waves I would probably get knocked down and squashed.

On a slightly lighter note, Rea decided that we had altogether too much Parmesan, and so she decided to use it up. She ended up making Oranges and Parmesan sauce. The recipe follows:

  1. Peel an orange.
  2. Eat half of it.
  3. Place the other half on a plate.
  4. Pour half a cup of grated Parmesan over the plate.
  5. Stir.
  6. Enjoy.
Rea and Sara both loved this recipe. Hopefully they don't make it again.

This week Rea has also been saying extremely long prayers. Among other things, she is nearly always grateful that the world has so many camels, teddy bears, bears, dogs and kittens, orcas, swans, and ducks. she is very thankful. I am starting to think that she should offer a prayer at the next general conference.

Alison and I went out for a walk as part of our valentines day date and we found some mushrooms growing on some trees in the dell. none of them presented themselves as definitely edible, but perhaps we will find some more edible ones this upcoming spring.

At the end of our date we had a cheese course. I wanted to try out Gorgonzola, and we bought some Muenster just in case the Gorgonzola ended up too strong for Alison. Having never eaten Gorgonzola and having heard that it was strong I was surprised to taste it. I have made Derbies with more flavor. It does have a sour aftertaste, but it is entirely agreeable.

Alison liked it as well, though she did comment that it might be that she would not have liked it when we first got married. I have slowly been accustoming her to stronger cheeses and spicier dishes as well. This is not a one way thing - she has gotten me liking many more vegetables and enjoying more dishes without meat.

I could see Gorgonzola being an amazing addition to a pasta with oil, to a pizza, or to a gyro. Also it is good to just eat. One of the coolest parts is that it only ages for 3 months before it acquires its full flavor. If only I were brave enough to start making moldy cheeses.

We have tried Gorgonzola in pasta already, and it (according to Rea) is "Pretty good". It has a strong enough flavor to use similar to Parmesan.

Saturday morning we decided to stop being such horrible law breakers and we raised our fire wood off of the ground and covered our hay. Rea was very help
ful in moving the firewood. Hopefully that is the last that we hear from the county for a good number of years.

As a side note: it has been unseasonably warm for the last three days, so we have been enjoying the great outdoors a lot more than is usual for February.

After we were done moving our firewood off the ground, we moved some dirt from out various compost piles into the grow boxes that we made last fall. Hopefully the new grow boxes are very productive, and they make us lots of leafy greens.

Saturday night to Sunday morning was pretty bad. Sara is now apparently sick again with a entirely new sickness. She was coughing and crying in her sleep, and she threw up once. Alison stayed home from church to take care of her, and so I was responsible for my lesson as well as helping Rea to give her first talk today. She told about the plan of salvation, and did a very good job.

I wonder if people will think that we are only a partially active family if we keep getting sick kids all the time.

Finally, I had a dream about playing a board game that I had never played before. When I woke up I wrote it down, and I have been playing it at work. It is surprisingly good for something made by my subconscious.


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