Silver and White

On Monday Sara was still a bit sick. The doctor was closed for president's day, so we didn't take her in to get help. She cried most of the day (Sara, that is).

By Tuesday Sara seemed much better, so Alison didn't take her in. We had a missionary meeting in the evening, which Sara cuddled through while Rea played quietly. They were all very impressed (the other ward missionaries/ward mission leaders that is) at how well behaved our children were.

This is (of course) in comparison to the last meeting, where they were running around talking loudly and giving out liberal bloody noses (one bloody nose which bled very liberally was the extent of the liberal bloody noses).

On Wednesday, the girls had a get together at Amy's house, and our daughters got to see Great Grandma Yoder for the second time. She game them wind up cars (which were very popular). In the evening I took all of the doors off of the cabinets in our kitchen in preparation for painting them white so that the kitchen will be ready for the new baby.

Alison has wanted to change the kitchen for a long time, and I don't recall how it was that we decided to do it this week, but she plans on having it white and silver in color.

On Thursday we didn't do much of anything until 9:45 at night when I went off to clean the Temple while Alison babysat the two girls.

Friday I was able to play three more games of Collusion at work (Collusion is now the working title of the game that I dreamed up last week). It is getting to the point that people think that it is pretty good. That means that it will take another year or two before I am happy with it, but it isn't horrible.

Friday night we had a game night with a family in the ward (and a family outside the ward who used to be in the ward). We played (among other things) Moar Moai (the ecological destruction game). It seemed to be pretty well received.

On Saturday I helped Uncle Kenneth move to a new house while Alison went to a baby shower. The girls ended up playing with Grandpa Craig, so everyone was happy.

After I got home I started painting the kitchen, and we got two coats of primer and two coats of paint on it before the girls got home. Next all I have to do is the cabinet doors (which are already primed) and we will have a nice looking white and silver kitchen.

Saturday night we went to a talent show and Sara started acting sick again. We will have to take her to the doctors on Monday, because we can't deal with no sleep.

Today was pretty much a normal Sunday (except for the fact that I kept a sick Sara home from church.)

Here's to hoping that the doctor is able to figure out what is wrong with her.


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