Eat Fish Elbow

During stake conference Sara pretended Rea was a baby. She was very gentle to her. Hopefully it is good practice for when we have another baby.

This week we tried out a Poulson family tradition one night: "Two dollar dinner". You all go to the store and get two dollars worth of whatever you want. We ended up with pineapple, sweet potatoe and veggie Panko, and chocolate doughnuts.

For those who have never had it, Panko is like tempura, but it is crunchier.

With all the snow melting we have noticed  that the Swiss chard that we planted last spring is still growing and doing fine. This is pretty strange because it has been buried under snow for a few months at below freezing temperatures. With cold frames, we might be able to eat fresh greens all winter.

Rea wrote a note to Briar and Star today. She asked Alison how to write a g first. When Rea was done with the g, it looked like a P. Alison drew her a g, and then Rea corrected her own g, and then wrote an o. She wrote a huge T, and then a backwards c followed by a corrected forward c. The next thing she wrote was a w, and then an o and a d. All of this was of her own initiative. The letters she spelled were "go t c wod." She said it meant "go to sea world" (Which is pretty good, since she got go entirely right, as well as getting sea spelled phonetically correct). It is hard to read the letters, but I have included an image of it. We were impressed greatly.

Yesterday we helped a neighbor start to build a roof, but today it all fell over in the wind. I guess that that goes to show you that I am not cut out for roof building.

Today Sara was talking to herself as I was holding her. She said "eat fish". I made eating noises, and then she said "eat head". I repeated the noises and she said "eat tummy", and then she added tail and shoulder to her list of parts that she was going to eat. Finally (after some thought) she added "eat elbow".

Sarah began to tell jokes recently. We have no idea what they are, but she laughs a lot after telling one. The last one went "ba-lip" and then she began laughing uproariously.

Alison decided to make a pair of pants for Sara today. They fit perfectly, and look pretty darn good. It is the first time she used her sewing machine, but it will not be the last. (Since it was such a smashing success).

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