Sara the sleepless and the Jeebies

This week we discovered a new member of our family: Sara the sleepless. She looks just like Sara the happy girl, but she has snot running down her face, and coughs a lot all night long.

Rea has also read her first book all by herself. It was 5 pages long and had about 30 words (we had never read it to her before, so she read all the words.) We had a party to celebrate. We played "Herd your Horses" and ate blueberry cake. She also got a book light so that she could read in bed.

I finished up taxes on Saturday while Alison and the girls were at aunt Becky's baby shower. The Utah government tax site is pretty darn bad.

Friday we had Amy and Dave over for pizza and games since their little boy is getting bigger. We played Love Letter, and made gluten free pizza.

Alison recently decided that I need to take Rea and Sara out on more dates, so Daddy Daughter Grocery Shopping Dates were invented. You'll never guess what they consist of :).

In order to combat Veggie Tales overload, we have begun to play jazz music on the cd player as well. One of the songs on the CD that we are listening to right now is entitled Heebie Jeebies, and that is the agreed upon name for Jazz music among the girls right now. Sara gets really excited and shouts "Jeebies!" when I put it on.

We have been reading Rea 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe' recently. She likes that Aslan is a type of Christ.

Dancing Robots has still been moving along. I have updated the rules, and have made some decent animations. Hopefully I will get them entirely integrated into the game so that I can release them to show them off soon.

I have also played a few games of Templar Intrigue at work recently. I think that I found a typo in the rules. I notified TMG about it, but haven't heard back from them yet.


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