Cream cheese and piggy eggs

Monday was a holiday, so I stayed home and we tried to make some mozzarella. We ended up with a crazy cheese that is nothing like mozzarella. It is pretty much an excellently melting version of cream cheese. It tastes decent so it was not all a loss, but what are you going to do with 5 lbs of meltable cream cheese?

Over the past week Alison and I have been playing more games of Harbour. It is still a good game, and perhaps at the next family get together we will try it out. It's weakest point is that it only supports up to 4 players.

I have been getting together a group for playtesting games. The original post is here. As of the time of posting this, we only have three people willing to come. Unless we get more people it is likely that the games will not happen (three people is not really enough for most games).

This week things have been a bit crazy at work. Our grandboss trying really hard to make some big project of his not fail, and we are all caught in the middle (the qa have told him that the project was not ready for months, but he was never able to hear that, so now we are getting pulled off our projects to try and shore the sinking building up.) Hopefully they realize that it won't help soon.

We made a derby/cheddar on Saturday. It ended up a little bit low in the ph scale, but will probably still be tasty. We are going to age it for only three months and then try it out (in order to experience it before it builds to full flavor.) If it is good at three months, we will probably eat it then.

Over the last few weeks Alison and I have been reading Ra. It is a (disguised) sci-fi story about an AI the size of the sun and reality vs virtual reality. It is pretty fun.

We haven't done very much else as we have been mostly preparing for the impending birth of our next child. Alison is not yet due, but she is in the time frame where she could give birth and it would not be considered unusual.

I have been preparing to go to Agile 2014. If anyone is going there tell me and we can meet up some time.

Andrea decided to start telling jokes yesterday. Here are some of her jokes so far:
Question: why did the goose lay 89 piggy eggs?
Answer: because it was confused.

Andrea: "let me tell you another piggy joke."
Me: "ok."
Andrea: "where is the piggy?"
Me: "I don't know."
Andrea: "it's behind the book."

Question: "Why was the pear not ripe?"
Answer: "Because it was silly."

The girls have also gotten pool passes and they have been enjoying the pool. Hopefully they will always apply enough sun screen :).


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