Nathaniel and Superfly

Baby Timothy 'Blup' James Brown was born. He is 8 lbs and 14.5 oz, 22 inches long, and pretty healthy. He arrived on the 18th at 3:26 pm after 12 hours of labor (active labor started at noon). We went to a birthing center (warning, embarrassing photos) to have this baby as Alison wanted to have a water birth and they don't do those in hospitals here.

We really liked the birth center. It was way better than having a baby in a hospital. Alison is very excited that even though he was such a large baby she didn't tear at all. Her hypnosis worked very (pretty in her own words) well. She was even able to push out the placenta without too much trouble (which caused her much more trouble with Sara).

Since we have come home we have mostly been taking care of the new baby. He has small nasal passages, which makes him breathe really funny. He eats and sleeps very well, though. He likes cuddling a lot, and seems to be very peeky. He didn't try to stay awake all night (though he still woke up to eat), and he stayed awake a long time during the morning. It is nice that he isn't day/night confused (cross your fingers).

Speaking of fingers - he has the polydactyl gene (from the poulson's side), which gives him an extra thumb spur as well as a toe spur both on his left side. We were hoping it would have been on the right side so that we could call him Count Rugen.

Since we can't call him Rugen, we are going to name his thumb spur Nathaniel, and his toe spur Super-fly.

Finally, the goats are very jealous. They do not like the fact that Alison gets to keep her kid and they did not get to keep their own.

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