Yotsuba and the Honking Pig

I have been taking time off from work to take care of Timothy.  Generally he has been a pretty good kid, but he wants to eat every hour, and he thinks that he needs to sleep on top of us. We are trying to make him realize that he doesn't actually need to sleep on top of us by putting him down when he sleeps, but it is still something that he prefers quite a bit.

Timothy sometimes snorts when he breathes, and a few days ago Sara (upon hearing him snorting) laughed and said "Timothy is a honking pig."

Rea went over to grandma's house when Timothy came and when she got back she had a new hair cut. It is shorter so her hair does not get tangled up. Rea refused to comment on her hair cut, but I think that she likes it. After I typed that last sentence Rea responded that she does like it.

 Saturday morning we went to a ward breakfast. It was pretty good. Everyone was surprised that we came (with our new baby only four days old). They did not have a ward camp out this year because it cost too much. That is sort of sad to me as a ward breakfast is way less cool than a ward camp out.

We went to pick strawberries from grandpa Mike's strawberry field Saturday. We got a decent quantity, and the strawberries were as tasty as ever. Every time I eat fresh, real strawberries I remember that I actually like strawberries. Every time I eat store bought strawberries I hate then again.

Timothy has already shown some natural talents. Being only three days old he said mamma. It hasn't happened since, so it must have been a fluke, but Andrea was really excited to have heard it.

He also is really good at burping. Whenever we hold him up and pat his back he immediately starts straining his stomach and he gets the burp out within a few seconds most of the time.

Rea has decided that she wants to teach Timothy how to go on the potty. She said that she is going to hold Timothy with his head pointing at the potty so that he will be able to see it and then Sarah will go and sit on the potty and show him how to tinkle. Hopefully this works cause changing diapers is something that we do not love.

In our spare time (when we are not changing diapers or feeding a new infant) we have processing the cherries that we got from mom and dad's house. We have quite a few of them. We dried some and froze a ton of them. We have also all eaten a lot of them. We have been seeding our front yard with the pits, and hopefully we will have some cherry trees sprout up some time next spring. With the hundreds of pits that we have spread around I figure that we have a decent chance of one or two growing in a good place.

I decided to read some Yotsuba& to Rea, and she has been enjoying it a lot. She wants to get a Yotsuba& book for her birthday. When that rolls around we will see if it is still high up on her list of desired things. If so, I will probably be reading her a lot more Yotsuba.

Finally, today we made a large batch of paneer and a bunch of  pretzels. Sourdough wheat pretzels that is. They ended up being pretty good, though the sweet ones were really weird.

Rea asked me to end the post with this picture


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