On delequescence, the Big Cheese Scare, and drafting radiators

A few weeks ago I discovered the cheese fridge had been turned off. I feared the worst (remembering the great cheese dying of a few years back I assumed that all of the cheese had been destroyed.) I immediately moved the cheeses to the big fridge and began watching them for signs of spoilage. I finished watching them this week and decided that all of them survived the event admirably. We opened all of them and rewaxed them just to make sure. We even began eating a derby (which tasted fine (although it was more mesophilic than I like (swee is the one who likes mesophilic tasting cheeses))).

Sara is a year old now. Alison is trying to wean her, but Sara wants none of that (or all of that as it were). We are giving her goat milk (which she spills all over the place), and she is pretty fussy.

We discovered that she is dual teething right now (so now she has 4 teeth). If this keeps up she will have 8 teeth next week, and by the end of the year she will have over 33 million teeth (33,554,432 to be exact).

Alison has been planning a play group for local kids. She plans on having it twice a week. She is almost ready to start. She bought some special toys named Kimochis which she plans on using to help the kids talk about their feelings. They are pretty popular with Rea and Sara right now already.

Speaking of popular things, Rea is big into penguins. She watched Scamper the Penguin with Max the last time that we watched him, and she has been wanting to play penguins the entire time since then. We are reading her Mr Popper's Penguins, and she is happy for hours at a time sliding down the slide and playing penguin.

I saw Sara take 21 consecutive unaided steps this last week. She is still pretty wobbly, but she has definitely gotten the idea.

Andrea has begun to play Uno with Alison and I. We removed all of the special cards to make it easier for her (so all that you do is match a color or a number). She enjoys it quite a bit. Perhaps we will add in wilds soon.

On Friday we went to a concert in the park and paid for the second time ever to have a baby sitter. It was fun (the concert was not really that awesome, but we ended up watching kids play games and talking the whole time.)

Today we had some pasta primavera (though it is no longer spring) for dinner. We used out home grown broccoli and derby. It was excellent. If you can figure out what to do about aphids, I highly recommend growing broccoli.

After she was baby sat, Rea decided that she wanted to sew (apparently the babysitter brought some quilting stuff that Rea thought was fascinating.) Alison found her some plastic canvas (the plastic sheets with holes for kids to practice sewing on) and yarn, and she was proudly sewing tonight.

My Dancing Robots site is still moving along. I have (in my local computer, not up on the server) a working implementation of the multi player game. Once I fix all of the obvious bugs I will put the newest version online and try to drum up some playtesters via certain forums that I post on at times.

Finally, I have been identifying a new breed of mushroom that is growing all around my yard. I think that it might be Corprinellus Micaceus (which is edible if caught at the right time, but practically impossible to discover so early, since one day is enough to make it begin to deliquesce)


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