The Biff Chronicles Part I: Nuclear Meltdown

This week I spent a lot of time working on my online Dancing Robots game. I am currently trying to get it online, but I have not yet been able to get a production worthy server for it (Serving it from a development environment is way easier than serving it from a production worthy server). I will keep you all up to date on it.

I had the Fourth of July off for Independence Day. In the morning we went down to Dimple Dell and hiked around looking for mushrooms. We got a bunch of mushrooms including four edible puffball mushrooms. We also found some golf balls (which were way more popular than the mushrooms with the girls).

In the evening we had a barbecue, which Sheila, Scott, and Max came over to. We had hamburgers and bratwurst. We made home made buns, and had freshly picked sauteed mushrooms over them. We also had watermelon. It was fun. In the evening we lit off some small fireworks.

Running perpendicular to the bench, and about a half a mile away from our house stands a hill of considerable size. The founding fathers of our noble city (Sandy, Utah) foresaw the need of a center of public leisure, and in their wisdom declared this hill a park. Immediately upon the setting of the sun we traveled to this park, and alighting the hill from the south side we found a spot of soft ground and viewed the aerial display of fireworks which the surrounding cities magnanimously expended in memory of the battles that have been fought for the freedom of our country. The vantage point was excellent, and everyone was entertained.

Saturday we had Sheila and Scott over again to play another RPG. This time we played "Bad Attitudes". It is an RPG based on summer blockbuster action movies. The game ended up being entitled "The Biff Chronicles Part I: Nuclear Meltdown". The story went roughly thus:

Biff's friend was beaten up by drug dealers because he owed them money. His friends wife tells the story to Biff, and the four heroes: Biff, Duaine, Alfred, and Lulu go on a quest to avenge him. They fight some drug dealers and tangle with the evil mastermind's right hand woman - Dexy.

Biff gets shot and nearly dies, and Dexy escapes. The cops show up and try to arrest the heroes. They gun the cops down and flee in their car. The car chase scene extends over many scenes, Alfred falls out of the car, but Duaine catches him and pulls him back in. They can't seem to escape one parking garage, which they keep coming back to.

They end up in a park, at the bottom of a hill. Lulu tells the cops that they can't search the car without a warrant, so the cops leave and a kooky informant shows up (who tells the heroes where the villain (Curtis Bane) is hiding out (which is a nuclear power plant))

Bane taunts them and threatens to blow up Manhattan. Alfred figures out how to read the subway map, and they ride the subway to the power plant (fighting Dexy again on the way). Dexy taunts them, and Biff talks to her and convinces her that she should be good. She joins the team, and they flee the remaining evil mooks in a forklift. Dexy tells them where the control room is and the power-plant enters a self destruct countdown. Lulu guns down the villain and then stops the countdown as Duaine blows up a propane tank.

The heroes walk out of the explosion and Biff kisses Dexy. Fade to black.

We all seemed to have a fun game, though Alison got stung by a wasp as we played.

Later in the day I got some more saw dust to grow more mushrooms in. Hopefully some time soon the first batch of saw dust will sprout mushrooms.


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