The Poulson family curse

I have been working on my Dancing Robots website a lot this past week. It is now capable of playing a game against up to 5 computers, and it uses web sockets for a persistent connection to client. The game is set up in such a way that multi-player should not be too hard to implement. I can't make any promises, but perhaps by next week it will be possible (and if it becomes so, I will have to play against many people to test it out). Read the rules and give it a try. If you find any bugs, make a comment on the bug spreadsheet, and I will get working on it. I am also open to comments about the visual appearance of the site, so all you graphic designers/artists can chime in as well.

Friday we watched Max, and we made pizza. Alison made a very Buddhist request of me:

"Make me one with everything"

It didn't end up with everything, but it did have 4 cheeses, three meats, and two veggies.

On Saturday we made a Parmesan and a bunch of Ricotta. It all seemed to go well (I guess that we will know for sure about the Parmesan next April)

In the evening we went to "Game On", which was a 1800 Contacts work party. It was fun and fairly well attended. Andrea loved the wading pools, the pony rides, and the petting zoo the best (Sara was scared of the pony rides, but loved the petting zoo). We ate, talked with people, didn't win any prizes, and got rained on.

Speaking of rain, it has been raining far more than is usual in the salt lake valley recently. We have two rain barrels (which are really just garbage cans that we place in strategic positions around the eaves of our house), and they are now constantly full. Makes for really cheap garden watering.

My mushroom house seems to be doing a good job of keeping in the moisture of all the rain. I built it with a valleyed roof (the opposite of a peaked roof), and all of the rain that lands on the whole thing falls onto the logs. I have three buckets of sawdust in the center of it as well (which have been inoculated with oyster mushroom spawn). I hope that the sawdust will fruit pretty quickly, and that the logs will produce mushrooms for years to come.

This morning as we were about to go to church I went with Andrea on a little mushroom hunt (this is Andrea's name for when we go into our front yard and walk around together). We actually picked a sizable quantity of mushrooms while we were out there. The rain is apparently very good for scotch bonnets.

Sara is just on the verge of walking. She has taken a max of two steps in a row, and she really wants to walk. I figure that she has less than a month before she is walking all over the place. She is also cutting her second tooth (Which makes her cranky, and also gives her one tooth in the front center top, and one in the front center bottom. Her teeth are very reminiscent of a little rodent (which, by the way is totally not our new nick name for her.))

Apparently the Poulson family curse has finally been lifted, because we successfully grew a zucchini this year (and the Poulsons also grew a few themselves.) They tasted superb sauteed with butter and salt.

Finally, we discovered that Andrea has a Russian sense of humor. Apparently there is a Russian joke that goes something like this:
A mouse walks off a cliff and screams "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"
That is the entirety of the joke. Andrea thought that it was funny, and when asked why she said "Mice don't talk." This is in fact the reason why the Russians believe that it is funny as well.


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