I like green jelly!

Sara was extremely fussy last night. She kept waking up and crying. Either she is getting new teeth (which she seems to get in droves (which would explain the amount that she seemed to have been affected by it)), or her mild appearing diaper rash (which doesn't seem that bad) is bothering her. This morning I picked her up and brought her into the bed. Alison talked to her.

"Is your bum hurting?"
"does your bum say 'ouch'"
Sara sat there a while thinking and then said "tombé" (which means 'fallen' in french (and which we use whenever she falls and gets hurt)) in an explanatory sort of voice.

She has been so talkative lately. Mostly it is babbling, but she also mimics a lot and says real words too.

Rea is also improving her ability to talk. Yesterday Alison was changing Sara's diaper and Rea said "Rea is doing something very kind.  Rea is aiding mommy in dealing with the poopy couche" (couche means diaper in french).  Her vocabulary is pretty surprising sometimes.

Rea also claimed she was hungry a few hours after breakfast, and Alison questioned whether she really was.  Rea's response was  "I swear there's not a zoo around here, and I hear growling noises, so it must be my stomach."

Someone finally played my game and gave me good feedback. I don't (right off the bat) want to change some of the things that they want me to change, but I am looking into all of them, and perhaps I will make some changes.

We also got some grapes this week. There are lots more where the ones that we got came from, so if anyone wants to pick some, ask us where they were and we can direct you to the place. We made 16 quarts of juice, and some jelly so far. We are also trying out a new green grape jelly. We will report on it if it is good.


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