Oysters are creatures without any features

Today marks the fourth birthday of our family. We have celebrated as is fitting by making quesadillas and drinking carbonated apple juice. We also dropped the kids off at the Poulsons house for a romantic overnight getaway.

I have made posts about my Dancing robots game on both BoardGameGeek.com and bay12games, and have not really gotten a good response from either. I am apparently not a very good salesman. All I am asking is that some people play the game and tell me how it went. I suppose that it isn't very important in the long run, but it is a bit discouraging. I would honestly prefer people to play the game and tell me that it sucks to not even reading my post.

With all of the recent rain mushrooms have been cropping up all over the neighborhood. I found eight or so field mushrooms, multiple rings of scotch bonnets in various yards, dozens of mica caps (even a few in some rock gardens), some inedible shelf mushrooms (which I can't remember the name of, but were in my own back yard), and other unidentified mushrooms. Don't let this get you excited about hunting for mushrooms in your neighbors yards though - you shouldn't eat anything unless you know that the owner has not been dousing their yard with killer chemicals.

I also found a few tiny oyster mushrooms in my mushroom house growing on the saw dust I planted them in. I am going to watch them grow for a few days before I pick them and redistribute the mycelium so that I can get some more oysters growing in a new batch of sawdust.

It is super exciting that oysters will grow this fast. I planted them in June (which is not really the best time to plant mushrooms) and they are already sprouting - three short months later. I really need to figure out a way to make them survive all winter, but barring that I need to make sure that I plant more every year.

Andrea has been growing more independent every day, and Sara is following in her sister's footsteps. They both love being outside, and prefer that to almost anything else. Hopefully we can keep it that way. :)

By the way, the oyster title is by Jack Prelutsky


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