Scary Pig and No Kisses for a Week

This week Alison took the girls to the zoo to visit with grandma Poulson. They stayed for five hours and Sara said a lot of animal names while they were there. Rea overcame some of her fear of talking to complete strangers and asked questions to the zoo attendants about various animals. The elephants were the most popular animal, but the giraffes were a close second.

I have recently been thinking about setting up my Dancing Robots website to run on a Windows Azure server. This might allow me to scale it up if the thing ever becomes popular, but I haven't decided for sure if I want to figure it all out.

I have been having a lot of people test out my site. I am really feeling like I am getting close to releasing it to the public. All I have to do is to kill down the bugs a bit and hold it stable for a week or so without finding any new bugs.

We played a 5 player game on Sunday (which is the max that is playable with a normal deck, but I decided to make the computer play with a double deck from 5 to 8 players anyway since the decks feel pretty darn small with 5 players and a single deck). We found a bug during the play test, and discovered some user interface improvements as well. The people using safari found a safari specific ui bug, but I have fixed it already.

On Monday we made a derby (as it was labor day, and I had not done enough labor during the weekend.) It is now drying, and hopefully it will age well. We haven't been too diligent about making derby recently, and so we have to wait an exceedingly long amount of time before we open our next one.

We also went to a farm to evaluate a goat stud for Clarabel. All that is left to do is to determine when she is in heat and bring him over to her. While we were there, I saw the most terrifying animal I have ever seen. It was a 500+ lb pig.

As we were trying to decide what to do tonight, I said (to Alison) "We should have lots of kisses", and Rea told me "Rea said: 'No kisses for a week' and slammed the kisses door shut".

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