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Andrea believes Mickey Mouse to be a bear. We have not disabused her of this notion because it is not really important.

It has been raining on and off since last night. There is one tree stump on our road that is infested with some type of mushroom (my initial inspection would seem to indicate that they are the same deliquescent mushrooms that are growing in our front yard (you know, the ones that are impossible to pick at the right time because they become inedible hours after they have sprung up.)) We have been enjoying the rain. If it rained all of the time Utah would be much higher on my list of nicest places to live.

Rea has wanted to go to the elementary school playground a lot recently. She loves playing on the play equipment. Alison has decided that Rea needs to make goals for herself, so Rea has decided that she wants to learn how to run all the way to the school before the end of the month. So far she can run about half the way there. We told her that when she met her goal she would get a reward, and she chose that a good reward for running all the way to the playground would be to play at the playground. She gets to do that anyway.

Alison found a deck of cards at the DI one day and bought them for me. They are called 'Express Chess'. The game is much faster than chess, and adds elements of randomness, incomplete information, unequal sides, and special abilities (Basically it is more like a mix of chess, stratego, and thud than pure scaled down chess)

The most unusual part of the game is that it is played on a 5x4 playing surface (which is generally entirely full), so you practically have to kill on every turn.

Since we went to Japan Alison has wanted to replace our kitchen table with a coffee table. With a short table the children would be able to sit themselves at the table, and be more self sufficient. We finally saw a good table at the DI on Saturday, so in one short day the plan was fulfilled. As of yet we have not adjusted to it, but hopefully we will figure out how to eat on the floor. One thing that is sure is that we definitely need some padding for the floor (The japanese traditionally would sit on tatami mats (mats made of rice straw)).

Rea has come up with some nick names for various family members: Daddy baddy, Mommy moo, and Sara bear. Here's to hoping that none of them stick :)

I recently hosted my Dancing Robots website on Windows Azure (Here if you are interested in it). It was pretty easy to do. I have a few things left to do before I post about it on Board Game Geek, but I figure that I will be able to post before the end of the month. Once I get some actual gamers testing the game out perhaps they will be able to critique the game more and the website less (I have really only been having co-workers check the website out, and since they are all working on websites professionally they have had more to say about the website than the game.)

I still want some non-gamer people to test the game out, but I figure that very few non-gamers would buy it (if I ever do decide to sell it), so I should cater more toward my target audience.


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