Sometimes it's Easy

This week I have been working on making my dancing robots website easier for first time players. I had a lot of people try the game out, but very few gave me any feedback. I have tried to make the game easier for random people to play. If you have tried the game before, but were scared off by a bad interface, please try it again and tell me if it is any better.

The remainder of the blog post was written by Alison (because she was ending her nap and didn't want to get up so I asked her to write something for me.)

Sara has rediscovered our doll stroller and is pushing it everywhere.  Today she fell down while pushing it with a load of toothbrushes and started crying.  Mike went to her sympathetically, bent down to cuddle her, and gave her a big zerbert on the armpit.  She laughed and laughed, and when he asked, "Do you feel better?" she answered, "Better!"  So that seems to be the way to cheer her up.

Mike gets money from his work if he exercises every day, and we got another gift card last week.  So we decided to buy a new game.  It's called Forbidden Island and was very fun.  It's a cooperative game, where the board is an island that's slowly sinking beneath the ocean.  Before it sinks entirely, your team is trying to recover some treasures from various sites on the island.  Mike and I played it Friday night after the girls went to bed for our date.  It was close, but we won!  It's a fun game that we'll want to share with others occasionally.

As I believe has been mentioned, we agreed with Dave Plastow to trade our LoveSac for some Dancing Robots card art.  This week we finally made it over to their house to drop off the LoveSac.  It was good to talk to them for a while.  Rea and Logan had lots of fun together.  Dave's art looks very professional, and Mike is excited.

We did that Thursday night, and it turned out to be a crazy night.  A month ago, we had RSVP'd that we'd attend a work BBQ that night, and we hadn't put it on the calender because our calender only shows one month at a time.  Looking at the calender, we decided the night was free to visit Amy and Dave.  And I had a book club scheduled for that night, but one of the other members was busy, so I was planning to call and reschedule, so I hadn't put it on the calender.  But of course I forgot to call.  So we ended up doing 3 things in one night.  Crazy!  They were all very fun things, though, so I'm glad we did them all.

As we were driving between the BBQ and the Plastows, Rea started (again) telling us that we need to have another baby.  We told her that we agreed with her; it's about the right time.  Mike said, "We're trying [to get pregnant], but sometimes it's hard work."  Rea immediately responded, "Sometimes it's not!"  She had no idea why we laughed so hard.

Since the LoveSac is gone, I've permenantly moved the dining table to a corner of the front room.  We eat dinner there every night, and when our home teacher came over today we did it around the table.  When it's just me and the girls, we do it at the coffee table in the kitchen, which is their height and lets them be very independent.  I love this arrangement.  It lets us use the kitchen table more for games and projects, since it's always clear.  And it lets the girls have a table at their own height for most of their meals and makes the kitchen seem bigger.

Speaking of the kitchen, I actually bought the deglosser that is the first step to redoing my kitchen cupboards.  They are lovely wood, but they're so dark and dated, and I found a plan in a do-it-yourself book at the library that took my exact kitchen and for under $500 made it look SO much better.  So maybe I'll start that project this week.  Or next.

We got the deglosser at the Home Depot when we went to get a new track for the sliding door to our goat shed.  Belle spent quite a few nights bending the door out of shape so that she could get out, and the glides that held it on the track all broke, so it's been almost impossible to open and close.  We thought about replacing the shed, but finally we ended up nailing some wood to brace the door back in the correct shape, and replacing the gliders so the door would slide easily.  It only cost about $5 and took an hour of work, and now we have a functional shed again!

Our next goal is to get Belle pregnant, but she's still not showing any signs of heat.  The odds are high that it will be sometime this week.

Mike and I have started reading Howl's Moving Castle aloud in the evenings after the girls are in bed.  It's a very fun book.  Rea and I are reading from an old book called Peter Rabbit Stories by Thronton Burgess, and she's enjoying it a lot.  On my own, I'm studying up on nature and survival skills that I can teach in our time outdoors.  We're loving going to our "wilderness" almost every day.  I've invited a boy from our ward and his mom to come; they'll be joining us tomorrow.  I"m hoping to get more people involved.  Rea really needs more older kids to play with.  Max is great, but I'd like a variety of ages.  Then they can practice playing skills without me being on the spot all the time.  I'm also reading a book called Free to Learn, and while I don't agree with the author's conclusions, I do like his argument about how important it is for kids to run around in mixed-age groups for free play.

This week we're doing missionary work!  We have a new convert coming to our house for the new member lessons on Wednesday.  We're both excited to meet with her.  I'm pulling out my old Preach My Gospel.  I haven't cracked it since Sara was born.  This will be good.


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