A Salty Weekend

This week we had more sickness. There was a persistent cough that many of us got, and Timmy is still producing eye mucous.

We went to the Poulson's house for three days as Mike and Alison went to SaltCon.

Our main purpose was to present my games "Moar Moai" and "Hungry Oni" to the judges for the Ion Award. After I presented on Thursday we attended the convention and had a generally fun time (though my voice all but gave out after I presented on Thursday). On Saturday at 5:00 the awards were announced, and I did not win.

We went to a bunch of panels, talked with various publishers and gamers and played a lot of games for the first time. The games that we played for the first time include: Tokaido, Tsuro, Seasons, Kingdom Buider, Toc-Toc Woodman, and get bit for Alison. We also played Moar Moai and Above and Below.

We traded some games and got some new games during the convention. Probably you will hear more about them soon. We got three new expansions of Dominion (which Alison and I quite enjoy).

On Friday morning we went up to the dinosaur museum (which was pretty cool). Andrea was scared of the giant dinosaurs at first (even though she knew that they were not real), but eventually got over her fear and had a fun time.


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