Pigger and Blitzen

This week we were still sick.  Timmy's pinkeye finally cleared up today, but he had the sniffles last night and during their naps both girls were coughing, so we might be starting again.

Timmy is getting pretty good at sitting up and moving around and being happy on the ground. He is especially happy outside, and when he's not tired or hungry he'll play happily inside unless his diaper is wet; then he always cries for Mommy.

He is also now crawling around the ground foraging for food. I estimate that he is at least as smart as any given dog in the world. (Alison remarks that this may be, but he is far less obedient than many dogs.)

Sara has decided to rename him to Pigger (See Amy's blog for more info.)

Sara has been saying wonderful things to us this week. We were talking about Rea's stomach problems (more on that later) and said that we were going to put her on a wheat free diet to see if that helped her. Sara chimed in with "Let's have muffins!" When we told her that we needed to make the diet have no wheat in it she said "OK, Let's have biscuits!"

Sara also has named me Blitzen, and said "Daddy, most of your hair fell off!"

Rea has been complaining of stomach ache every time she eats for about two weeks. We decided that something had to be done, so we are putting her (and by her I mean all of us) on a gluten free diet. We love our bread, so it is quite a change. We can only hope that it is gluten, because giving up dairy would be that much harder (what with my cheese making and all).

It has been beautiful weather this week, and we have been enjoying the out of doors.

We have been reading as a family the book "The True Meaning of Smekday." It is funny. We picked it up because my work gave us movie tickets to "Home," which was apparently (according to Wikipedia) based on this book. We aren't sure if the movie will be any good, but the book has been a lot of fun, so we'll wait and see. We're reading it fast, because it's 400 pages long and we only have a week to get through it. Rea loves it, but Sara can't follow it and sometimes gets frustrated that we're all so interested in something she can't share. Rea has been drawing pictures of the story today.

We have also been reading (Alison and I this time, not the whole family) the Iliad. I have never enjoyed reading it before. This time we are reading it as if all of the arguing guys are punk teenagers. It makes it much more enjoyable.

Alison has been working hard this week on keeping the family outside at least four hours a day and doing the kids' reading and math every day. It's been a lot of fun, but she also wants to do a whole-house purge of excess stuff, which might make those two things not happen as well this week. We'll see how it goes.

We decided that we have too many chickens for our land; the ground on their side of the fence is almost bare, and it wasn't like that when we only had three or four chickens. So we sold three of ours, bringing it back down to three. We should be able to use their eggs easily and with any luck the grass will recover so that the goats can have something to eat again.

Finally, we opened up our six week brie, and it had not liquified. We were kind of thinking that that would happen, but it didn't. It has a stronger flavor than the three week version and the girls like it (if we cut the rind off), but it isn't really that different from the 3 week version.

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