The first gluten free week

So we were gluten-free for a week. It wasn't impossible, but it wasn't exactly fun. Andrea might be a little better, but it's not very clear, so we'll give it one more week and then reintroduce gluten. If it doesn't get worse when gluten comes back, we'll give this up. We might take just Rea off dairy this week as well, but the whole family can't do that.

If it's not gluten or dairy, most likely it's a condition called "functional abdominal pain," where kids just have their stomachs hurt for no discernible reason. It's not uncommon and usually goes away on its own after a few months. We're trying probiotics, which might help.

Other than that, it's been a fairly busy week. Wednesday was Rea's last dance class. She would like to keep doing it, but it's right at dinner time and just too stressful for Alison to get her there. Maybe in the fall we'll let her sign up again.

Thursday we had a Board Game Design Group meeting. Timmy slept for most of it, so the babysitter had an easier time. We played Sourcery Inc, Mike's new game, and we think we need to do some work on explaining the rules and setting up a first game better, because even gamers seem to struggle with understanding the concept. It's too bad, because it's a very fun game once you get it. We have some ideas to make the first play a little easier.

Friday Mike's work gave us tickets to Disney/Pixar's new movie "Home." We saw on Wikipedia that it was based on the the book "The True Meaning of Smekday," so we read that before we went to the movie (finishing it on the drive over). As always, the book was better (read it!). But the movie wasn't bad. It was severely abridged, of course, but the first half was as close to the book as you could expect from a movie. The second half, with the Gorg, was changed almost out of all recognition, but the changes made the movie shorter (the book is over 400 pages) and the message simpler. It wasn't as clever, though. Anyway, for all of you who show your kids movies, "Home" is a decent one. It had funny parts, the messages were good (Be Brave, Families are Important, It's OK to Make Mistakes), there wasn't anything particularly objectionable that we noticed. There were a few intense moments, but most of it wasn't too scary, even for Rea.

Saturday we helped a family in our ward clean up their yard. Well, Mike helped, and the girls played with their kids and Alison talked to their mom. It was fun. Then we cleaned up our own yard for the Easter Egg hunt we're hosting after the second session of Conference next week. We made Feta for the first time in a while and while Alison went to the General Women's Broadcast, Mike and the kids hunted for oyster mushrooms near the Browns'.

We are pretty sure that they are oysters, but not entirely sure yet. They did leave a faint spore print (after 30+ hours of waiting) which was white. I will continue to try to id them and report if I can get a positive ID.

We're looking forward for our Easter/Conference week. Alison has Easter activities planned for every night this week, and we have Conference supplies all set up. We hope it will be great!

We started the Easter festivities by playing a 'Triumphal Entry' game, where one person is the donkey, and the other people have to lay coats down in front of the donkey for the donkey to walk on. The girls liked it.

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