Flap your wings

This past week out kids have all gotten pink eye. I used to get it when I was a kid, so I am not too worried about it. As I recall it mainly was itchy. (Though sometimes my eyes would get glued shut by mucous.)

Rea attended her first dance class in the new dance program that she is a part of. She said that it was boring. Hopefully she likes future ones better.

We went to the brick oven for Ellie (Becky's daughter)'s birthday. The kids liked it a lot and had good fun with their grand parents. I ordered a medium of what I thought was a personal pizza, but it turned out to be a full sized medium pizza. I didn't eat it all, so the girls ate it for breakfast the next day (and we also ate it for lunch too).

Saturday we made butter and more brie. The make went very well, so hopefully it will age well as well. It is currently in the cheese cooler. The butter didn't go wonderfully, but we eventually got it to turn to butter. I swear, goat cream is about the consistency of butter even without doing anything weird like churning it.

My kickstartered copy of Robots on the Line arrived on Saturday. We have played 2 games so far. Andrea loves putting together silly looking robots and trying to please the judges and making money.

The Salt Con math trade ended. I traded a few games in it, so I should have some new games soon.

This week so far we have been preparing for my presentation to the Ion Award finalist judges. I hope that they go well. I will present tomorrow morning and then we will hear the final results on saturday at 5:00.

We will be spending the next three days in Kaysville with Alison's family to make going to the con easier.

Finally, we discovered that P.D. Eastman wrote more books than "are you my mother" and "go dog go". One of his other books at least was really good. It was entitled "Flap your wings". The story is just as good as "Are you my mother", but the visuals are much better. The father bird is always so perky and the mother is so put upon. The alligator always looks so dopey and long suffering.

Additionally, the father bird is so full of sage advice that you learn a lot about bird culture just by reading the book. If you knew about this book and didn't tell me, shame on you.


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