Mamma said to bop you off

This week Alison was sick, so I am going to ask the girls to sum up all of the points and just type what they say.

Concerning Alison's sickness, Rea says "We don't know why her neck hurt." and then went back to reading.

Sara said "We gave her a breakfast and a new breakfast called a 'bar'. We read a book to her called 'a little breakfast book'... Look I'm twirling my hair around! Is this a good talent of twirling?"

"She is pretty much better now" Andrea added.

After finishing talking about Alison, the girls started throwing around duplos which they had been building pyramids out of.

It snowed this week. Sara comments that "We went to Sheila and Scott's house there and we played and we brought Ice cream and smoothies and pizza and rootbeer and bootbeer and snortbreat and wootbear and snoopbear. And we brought kittybeer, and runnybeer and mermaidbeer"

Mike had Sheila help him make business cards (since she had done that before). Rea remembers that Sheila took a scary face picture (see the picture to the right)

On Friday Alison and Mike had a game night with ward members, Rea commented: "Daddy threw ice cream everywhere... That was silly. No, Daddy didn't do that, and we had a babysitter."

Before going into the bathroom Sara added "And we pooped everywhere... Can everyone go in the bathroom with me?" (we have a rule that if you say poop out of the bathroom you have to go to the bathroom to make up for it).

The next point I ask them about is Timmy's new crawling skills. He can crawl from the bedroom to the bathroom (about 30 ft) when he wants to. Concerning his skills Sara said "He crawls to mommy". Rea adds "he can stand up and walk a little" (I hadn't noticed the walking). Sara added "He loves to dance and stomp everywhere and bomp everywhere!" She then put a book on her head and said "look at my silly hat."

Rea has been reading the family scriptures for us this week. She says "I read scriptures a lot. I like reading. I read wots of books" (she said lots with a lisp because she likes doing that now.)

Rea introduced our next subject by saying "Sara likes drawing pictures."

Sara replied "I don't want to" and continued building duplos.

I asked Sara why she has been screaming this week and her response was "I am trying to get a new toy from Rea... That's all I can say since I am sick."

When I asked her if that worked she says "No! That's all I can say in the duplos."

Rea then said to Sara's doll (which is perched on the top of a duplo pryamid) "I'm gonna bop you off"

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